Vegan for the Planet and the Creatures we share it with

Established in the Blue Mountains of Australia , Gingerbread Folk bake traditional, chocolate and gluten-free gingerbread with a hint of ginger and a delicate balance of sweet spice. An ethical and sustainable philosophy is the foundation of our family owned business.

We use simple ingredients – Nothing unnecessary, nothing unknown. All products are vegan and our cookies and gingerbread house kits are thoughtfully packaged in compostable wrappers. For the planet and the creatures upon it, all Gingerbread Folk products are vegan.

For owners Karen and Dom, the story of Gingerbread Folk has always been baking cookies with a conscience. In 2000, the couple left behind a corporate lifestyle to experience the beauty of the Australian outback. With freedom to visualise new directions, a small baking business was born. Founded on the belief that business has a higher purpose – greater than just profit, Gingerbread Folk embraces the ethical initiatives of care and compassion;

Gingerbread Folk steer clear of plastic. Instead goodies are packed into a unique compostable film ensuring contribution to landfill is minimised.

Gingerbread Folk support charity bringing gingerbread house making joy to members of communities who might not otherwise have the means to participate.

By choosing Gingerbread Folk products, you are aligning with an ethical business. Where this journey will take Karen and Dom they do not know, but there is one thing that can be guaranteed…They will remain true to their visions to live responsibly and with kindness.