Compostable film for the Folk

Yes it's home compostable!

We have, and always will, use compostable film to wrap our gingerbread cookies & kits.

Did you know that plastic recycling is like solving a puzzle? Each type of plastic is a different piece, and if you mix them up, the puzzle doesn't fit together!  Australia had a go at recycling soft plastics, but it was like untangling a giant knot! Not  enough places wanted to take the plastic. ☹ Enter compostable film…

Home compostable film is the eco-friendly hero of our story. Pop it in your home compost bin and it transforms into non-toxic organic matter. Here, nature's magic turns it into nutrient-rich soil. Think of it as a luxurious spa retreat for your cookie wrappers! No need for fancy recycling schemes or expensive composting facilities—just good ol' composting in your backyard.

From bustling cafes to sunny beaches, compostable film is making waves. We encourage all to embrace the green revolution with open arms and empty bins.

Sip your flat white and enjoy your Gingerbread Folk knowing you’re making a better choice for the planet with our cookies. Here’s to fighting the good fight, one compost heap at a time ♡

From the Blue Mountains, Australia