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From the Blue Mountains of Australia, Gingerbread Folk bake traditional, chocolate and gluten-free gingerbread. Made from the finest quality ingredients, with a hint of ginger and a delicate balance of sweet spices, Gingerbread Folk cookies are thoughtfully packed in compostable wrappers. All products are VEGAN, NUT FREE and PALM-OIL FREE with absolutely no colours, flavours or preservatives added

For owners Karen and Dom, the story of Gingerbread Folk has always been baking cookies with a conscience. In 2000, the couple left behind a corporate lifestyle to experience the beauty of the Australian outback. With freedom to visualise a new direction, a small baking business was born.

Located in The Blue Mountains west of Sydney, the natural environment has continued to inspire an ethical philosophy that is the foundation of Gingerbread Folk today. With much personal growth and an evolving desire to live kindly and responsibly, they have taken the next step in realising the business’ vision by becoming a VEGAN producer.

“Industries that rely on animals produce large amounts of pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, promote land clearing and degrade waterways. They are also too often unethical in their treatment of animals. For these reasons, we chose to become a VEGAN business, to reduce our impact on the environment and the creatures around us. ”

Where this journey will take them, they do not know but there is one thing that can be guaranteed…Karen and Dom will always stay true to themselves.

Gingerbread Folk have a philanthropic commitment and choose to contribute to the community by supporting animal and children’s charities wherever possible.