Our Response to the Carbon Tax

Social commentators often portray small business opinion on the carbon tax as negative, however just like the rest of the country, small businesses have a variety of views. Here is ours;

We can all contribute to reduce CO2 emissions through the decisions we make but there’s only so much each individual household or small business can do. Gingerbread Folk are prepared to wear a cost as part of the big picture for action on climate change because we believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to solve these problems …not just that of big business and government.

Initiatives we already include are a switch to renewable energy supply and a hybrid business car. Some companies pay for carbon offsets. We’re still small enough to do the tree planting ourselves…It’s a great family outing and teaches our kids about how they can contribute to solving big issues.

We’re glad there’s now a carbon policy on the table that we can plan our business around. We look forward to finding new ways of managing a sustainable business and reducing our own carbon footprint.

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