Gingerbread Houses add Joy to Christmas

Gingerbread made its first appearance in Europe in 11th century Germany. It is believed that Crusaders brought home the ginger spice they found in the Middle East. It was quickly discovered that it added a warmth and punch to baking and soon gingerbread was abundant.

The popularity of the Gingerbread House soared when the Brothers Grimm, a German fable writing duo, penned their fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel in 1812. Since then, the much loved activity of building and decorating a gingerbread house has become a Christmas tradition, with variations on a theme popping up all over the world. 

In Australia, gingerbread house building has taken on its own character. Cold winter nights are replaced by long summer evenings and the gluvine swapped for a chilled glass of chardonnay. From the coast to the bush, communities come together to build their gingerbread houses, to reflect and share in the spirit of Christmas.

Here is a lovely piece of feedback we received last year from one of our customers, that we really feel captures the experience of a gingerbread house building event.

“We had a fantastic night! I decorated the room all Christmassy and had candles & Christmas music softly playing to have the right ambiance. I included a short speech about the history of gingerbread before we started. That went down really well. With a chink of glasses and cheers, they began! Only 3 ladies of the 20 had done it before. There was a great mix of age, cultures and diversity. There were a few nerves and lack of confidence, but once everyone started I think it became meditative and therapeutic. Their creations were all wonderful and different, and they were all very happy. Thanks for such a great product and excellent service - it is so hard to get these days. Until next year – I’ve been asked to run it again!“

If you’re interested in holding a gingerbread house making event this year, we would love to hear from you. Our early bird offer is currently on until 30th of June.

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