Gingerbread Folk join Kids Pantry at MasterChef LIVE

Kids all over the country are tearing in from swingsets and tramps making a b-line for the box. With the clocks about to wind back an hour and Junior MasterChef underway, our (parents') evenings just got a whole lot shorter! Part of me is pleased that my 8 year old has such an interest in food, but the patience draws thin as I find myself the waiter for the evening - and apparently - my toasted sandwiches are no match for the creations of some of these talented kids!

On the flip side, Gingerbread Folk is delighted to be providing our all natural, egg-free gingerbread and special royal icing for Kids Pantry at MasterChef LIVE's Junior MasterChef workshops again this year. It's on 7-9th of October so bring the kids in to learn some fun chef skills.

In other Gingerbread Folk news about town, this weekend I'll be chatting to Natascha Moy from Food in Focus along with executive chef for Hugos Manly, Massimo Mele. streaming live at this Saturday 1st oct 4-6pm on 89.7FM Tune in for some great giveaways!

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