Mall Shopper Not

I don’t mind the odd dose of retail therapy but I’m not a shopper – I get bored. A glimpse up through the mock palms and opaque glass at my local mall has me wondering about the weather on the other side. The distorted view reveals that valuable daylight hours are being whittled away, so I grab a coffee and head on out. I’ll do my shopping later - when it’s dark – and I'll do it online!

There are many reasons I’ve come to like online shopping…
Some are a bit antisocial - It doesn't have to be done side by side the masses, I can wear my ugg boots and I don’t have to carry drink bottles and children's snacks. A couple are just practical – it’s fast and efficient and can be done in the stillness of the night.

After months of cooking up our online shop, we're very excited to announce it is now open for business. We can't wait to start posting our products out to all the folk on remote outback stations...not to mention busy parents who do their best shopping - online when all falls silent in the wee hours!

You can now place your orders for freshly baked, all natural and delicious gingerbread directly from us to you. All our products are available online including gift boxes and tins, our house kits and new-for-2011 Christmas Tree Kits and we have a special offer running for our first week only, 10% off all purchases. Look forward to you visiting the Gingerbread Folk online shop

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