Fight-or-Flight and Stage Fright

I have been asked a few times to appear on TV/radio and always experience an uneasiness creeping into my being in the week prior. I'll be honest - It's unpleasant. Once on camera though, the tension dissapates and I'm left with relative clarity to do the job…Fortunate but not coincidental that the adrenaline is advantageous to the performance.

Apparently, adrenaline is the reason some can down a couple of beers in quick succession right after performing and not feel tipsy for a while (the digestive system is basically shut down) Hmmm handy one to remember!

I had the privilege on Saturday afternoon of joining Natascha Moy on her Food in Focus show on Eastside FM together with Massimo Mele, head chef from Hugo’s Manly. I might add, his Tiramisu won both Natascha and myself over. I am the kind of person who deconstructs food (wherever possible) to understand the parts and the whole so this desert was right up my alley.

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