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Sell earn


Can people add any product to their order?
Yes they can and your commission is calculated on the total (before shipping).
What payment methods are available?
All the usual payment methods are available
Can I change the price?
Prices are fixed as viewed at our online store
What are the delivery charges?
It’s one flat charge $12.00 per order nationwide and free shipping for orders over $100.00
When do orders ship?
When an order is placed, it is processed in our system, then despatched usually with 1-2 working days. It then travels according to Australia Post timeframes.
Is there a deadline for this order to be in by?
The promo code is permanently open so there's no start or finish date. For each seasonal fundraiser you may like to focus on promoting the seasonal products though. For example; Bunnies at Easter, Blossoms at Easter and House Kits for Christmas. Also please note it is advisable to encourage people to order well ahead of their requirement so they receive their goodies in time.


What is the discount for my promo code?
People using your discount code will receive 10% off their purchase
What is the commission?
The commission you'll receive is 10% of the sale total (before shipping).
How do I log in to my portal?
Just clickHERE
Can I track how my commissions are growing?
Yes you can login to your portal HEREJust look under the 'Sales' tab.
Can I see details of sales placed with our discount code?
You will be able to see the date, value and commission of sales made using your discount code. (You won't be able to see names, emails or product information due to GDPR data privacy laws.
How do I get paid?
Under the 'Get Paid' tab in your portal, initially enter your BSB and Account details. Payouts are made once $100.00 in commission earnings are reached. Click the green Request Payout button and we'll transfer your funds into the nominated account. This may take up to 10 working days to be processed.
Can I use my own discount code for a commission?
Yes you can.
Is there a fee to participate?
No it's completely free to be involved in our fundraiser - Simply share your Discount Code and start earning commissions!
Is there a minimum I need to sell?
There is no mimimum number of orders that need to be attained. Payouts are made once $100.00 in commission earnings are reached.


Do you have promotional resources ?
Yes! Just head RESOURCE LIBRARY and select the seasonal fundraiser you are after where you'll find helpful material to assist promoting your sales drive/event to make it a great success.
Are your products vegan?
Yes our full range is vegan.
Are your products dairy, egg and nut free?
Yes all our gingerbread and royal icing is dairy, egg and nut free. We also have a gluten free house kit available!
Do you have gluten free products?
We do have a gluten free range SEE HERE
Do you have a video or instructions for your gingerbread house kits?
Yes. Instructions for assembly of the gingerbread houses are included in each package. Our Gingerbread Folk house kits are known for their ease of assembly… You can also share our How-to-Assemble video anytime