bonhomme en pain d'épices au chocolat 24 x 30g

Les riches biscuits en pain d'épices au chocolat raviront à coup sûr petits et grands ! Ceux -ci sont emballés individuellement dans des emballages compostables et présentés dans un paquet de 24 biscuits pour garde-manger.

fabriqué en Australie
sans noix
sans huile de palme
sans colorants, arômes ou conservateurs ajoutés
emballage compostable

ce produit contient du gluten et du soja.

farine de blé, sucre, eau, sirop doré, huile végétale, cacao, gingembre, épices, poudre à lever (bicarbonate de sodium), protéine de soja.

par portion pour 100g
énergie 485kj 1620 kJ
protéine 2,1 g 7,1g
- total 2,4 g 8,1g
- saturé 0,7g 2,4 g
- total 20,6g 68,6g
- les sucres 8,3g 27,6g
sodium 56 mg 187 mg
Portions par paquet 1, portion 30g

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Love all that Folk stand for! Great tasting gingerbread, fast delivery, compostable wrappers, local business, vegan & good range for gluten free too for the win!

Jo Ernest
Amazing for allergy kids - peanut and egg

These are a god send! And just when your enjoying them in your snack, you fill it with ice cream and it’s raised the bar again!! Allergy friendly desert!!! (Harris farm ice cream vanilla is our go to!) thank you Gingerbread folk !!!!

Masha Marx
A rare treat

A chocolate-flavoured gingerbread cookie is a rare treat in itself, but this one is also an excellent product! The flavour is delicately balanced between ginger and chocolate, and it is not too sweet. Made of clean, good quality ingredients, this is a wholesome as well as a very tasty treat.

Joanna Lam

I'm a keen baker and quite pleased with my various gingerbread creations. But when I don't have time Gingerbread Folk are my go to people. Adorable, tasty, environmentally concious and just generally nice people.