June 21 is International ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’


Did you know there was such a thing? We are pleased to be able to have our dog 'Sassie' join us at work each day. She is our door bell, enthusiastic welcoming committee and mood enhancer. Ok - we run a food business, so there are a few ground rules to having a dog around. She stays outside and away from any doorways. Staff are able to pat her but only after their shift has ended. Sassie is quite happy for the arrangement, watching the world go by from inside her hound house, occasionally barking at the passing trucks and visitors. She is part of our day and there’s no concern about her being lonely at home. Admittedly, as an old girl she sleeps most of the time. In her own special area well away from the entrance, she doesn’t bother our visiting couriers and sales reps but is more than happy to give a friendly bark and a wag of the tail as she peers in through the window. Having the dog around tends to make people smile and is a nice addition to our family run business. It's a win-win. It's a dog's life!...Well a dog's work life - but it aint bad at all! For more tips on taking your doggie to work see RSPCA

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