givinggingerbread folk

Gingerbread Folk are proud to partake in a variety of sustainable, philanthropic, environmentally responsible and ethical initiatives.

Watch a VEGAN gingerbread house being decorated @ the Cruelty Free Festival on Sunday 25th October, Australian Technology Park!

Gingerbread Folk are working towards B Corps certification.  “B Corp is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk.”  We are proud to be a socially responsible business building consumer trust through brand transparency as well as ethical and environmental business philosophies. Watch this space!

Gingerbread Folk support Stewart House because we believe in the incredible work they do with children in need. Each year 1,800 public school children in need come to Stewart House from many parts of NSW and the ACT.

Soi Dog Foundation based in Thailand works to improve the welfare of the street dogs and cats. Our sponsor dog’s name is Domonic.

Gingerbread Folk are proud to use compostable film to pack all gingerbread cookies. The cardboard in our packaging is also made from recyclable materials and is chlorine free

Gingerbread Folk is pleased to sponsor the annual Cruelty Free Festival. “A true celebration of the inspiring individuals, organisations, and ethical businesses amongst us who are dedicated to making the world a better place, for all animals!”

Gingerbread Folk have created a unique egg-free recipe for their gingerbread and royal icing. In the beginning, as hard as we tried we couldn’t source free range eggs in the quantities required so we made a decision to omit eggs completely. In this way, we do not support the battery hen industry.

We support the community by offering a ‘charity’ discount to non-profit organisations on bulk supplies of gingerbread house kits, this enables organisers of group events to make this joyful activity more attainable for all.